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Conspiracy Theory
02-10-2019, 11:42 PM (This post was last modified: 02-10-2019 11:43 PM by Warri the Wombat.)
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Conspiracy Theory
Hmmm... I don't usually subscribe to CTs but if they are stated in advance, and then actually happen I might just become a believer.

Christopher Pyne on Insiders:

Quote:"If any boat arrives between now and election day, we'll be able to say that's here because of Shorten's law."

Comment on Pyne's statement:

Quote:Ready for it? Dutton is going to let a boat through.

Shall we open a book? What are the odds on a boat arriving, say, two weeks before election day?

What are the odds that Shorten will cave in and refuse to vote with the cross bench?

I'm guessing 4:1 on both possibilities, depending on which happens first.

Rorting politicians are a drain on the public purse.
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02-11-2019, 12:54 AM
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RE: Conspiracy Theory
I don't think we'll need a boat to arrive, Shorten is just holding out to encourage the cross benchers, Greens and bleeding hearts, not to mention the added bonus of annoying the hell out of Dutton.

The memories of the way Europe handled the latest wave of immigrants are still pretty sharp.
He knows damned well he can't afford to frighten off the middle ground voters with that one. The open border pixies are only ever going to vote for Labor or Greens or those suss Indies so the people he has to keep on side are the middle class ... those 'working poor families', and they would not beimpressed with Uncle Bill letting in a cheap labor force, or people who will be competing for handouts for benefits.

There's very little "in it for me" when it comes to open border horde invitations. We need immigration but there is no good reason why we can't choose who we invite. ... is there?

Bill's a player, he's beating around the bush just because he can.
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02-11-2019, 07:45 AM
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RE: Conspiracy Theory
Undoubtedly. Morrison is also a player.
Dutton is just a natural born bastard.

Rorting politicians are a drain on the public purse.
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02-11-2019, 01:26 PM
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RE: Conspiracy Theory
Oh yeah, Scomo's enjoying the hell out of the game too. He doesn't seem to be an entirely political animal so the stakes for his ego are not as high as for Abbott's or Dutton's.

Like Hawkey, the game was the priority, not so much the kudos of the title. He and Scomo have something in common, they're both working the charisma/marketing/spin side of the field. Play to the whole audience, not only to the "base."

Dutton isn't in the race for that, he seems to think that he's in a classroom (or interrogation room) or something. You can't take the plod out of the boy.

Shorten is working the "speaking to the people" psychology side of the field too, he's just lacking the charisma of a dung beetle so he's not pulling it off very well. But at least he knows how it's played, Dutton hasn't a clue.

Poor old Pete is the kind of bloke you want going over the fine print in the back office but would never put on the front counter to scare the customers.

Where's Amanda when we need her? Still there as the epitome of the kind of politician we need right now.
Centre Right with no qualms about stating the bleeding obvious. She'd put all these delicate #metoo types in the shade! Nobody bullied Amanda! They'd have ended up in hospital! She had no problem rising on 'merit' in that man's world of the Liberal Party, nor did Bronny but I don't wish her back.
Wish Vanstone would make one last stand. She's still got plenty of fire burning and no problem expressing her opinion over the shrill young Buzzfeed journos.

Costello too! He'd be welcome back. I was surprised to learn that he's still only 61! Only 3 months older than Abbott! We tend to think of him as old and worn out.

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02-11-2019, 09:49 PM
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RE: Conspiracy Theory
it is interesting how the debate changes
first it was all about saving children.
government fixed that, now it is all about other things.
sink the boats at sea, drown the rats, problem solved.Angry
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02-11-2019, 10:00 PM
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RE: Conspiracy Theory
I get annoyed about the sob story "these poor, poor people, imagine being confined to detention centre for 5 years with no idea what the future holds." .. well, it held free plane tickets to anywhere else they wanted to go. I'm sure St Justin would have welcomed them.

Those "poor poor people" knew damned well that paying smugglers to break in was going to be met with no entry signs.
Bugger them. They tried it on and failed.

Funny how the Lefty open border pixies switched the narrative when the kids in custody issue was snatched from them.
Now we're supposed to break our hearts, and bank accounts to accommodate imported cases of depression and mysteriously contracted ailments instead.

We have plenty of depressed and sick people here dying in parks and under bridges, I want to see how many of those Phelps is treating.
How about she round up a few of her mates and set up a clinic over on Manus? Put a bit of sweat into it to prove she's fair dinkum. I'll donate to her plane fare. And buy her a box of band aids.
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