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JCU & The Corruption of Science
05-16-2019, 10:50 AM
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JCU & The Corruption of Science
Peter Ridd: The Drama is Not Over

Quote:Dear All,
We have now got the dates (18th and 19th July) for the court hearing that will decide the remedies. i.e. reappointment to JCU in some form, and penalties.

In a public statement to the newspapers, JCU has said that it has not ruled out an appeal. I confess to initially feeling a bit upset at the prospect of the case dragging on, but I am warming to the idea – a lot.

They have still not grasped the fact that they will lose irrespective of the court outcome. They will again have to argue that it was reasonable for them to shut down debate about one of the most important issues facing our region – the quality of science, including climate science, claiming damage to the Great Barrier Reef. Even if they can find a legal loop-hole that allows this, why would a reputable university argue for it?

They will also have to argue again that some of their disgusting behaviour, such as not allowing me to talk to my wife, the “no-satire” directive, and many others was OK.

They will get beaten up in the local, national and world media yet again. They have already had five episodes of very bad publicity, so why not have a few more so they can totally wreck the reputation of the university?

They remind me of the Monty Python scene when the Black Knight (i.e. JCU) gets his arms and legs chopped off, but keeps coming back for more in the delusion that he can somehow still win.

The University Council, which met last week, has also failed to take any action to bring the Vice Chancellor and Provost to heel. They are now complicit in this disgraceful saga and will ultimately be held publicly to account.

It all demonstrates that we have major systemic problems, not only with our unreliable and untrustworthy science institutions, but with the governance of our universities.

Kind regards

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05-16-2019, 03:39 PM
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RE: JCU & The Corruption of Science
It galls me that Uni students want the taxpayer to subsidize their brainwashing sessions that passes as education in Unis now. It's the same in the US, they're either brainbashed with 'liberalism' or brainmushed with what Jesus wants. No one is actually learning much. There are too many tales of Uni graduates turning up for a job unable to construct an intelligent sentence.
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