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New Orleans
07-11-2019, 11:02 AM
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New Orleans
With a potential hurricane forming in the GoM, a friend from New Orleans posted this on a forum:

Quote:Bigger problem, Mr. Naut, is that the Mississippi River is at 16 feet in New Orleans, one foot below flood stage. A Cat 1 land falling to the west of NOLA will push the river level to 20 feet or more. The lowest river levees here are 20 feet. Record river level ever in NOLA was 21.7 feet during the great flood in 1927. If the river over tops the levees, or one of them breaches, and we get 10"" of rain, it could make the flooding after Katrina look like a walk in the park. To top it all off, we had 7" of rain this morning in 3 hours. There was flooding all over the city.

Say a prayer for us, guys!

New Orleans Faces Catastrophic Flooding Ahead of Possible Tropical Storm

Street Flooding

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07-11-2019, 11:23 AM
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RE: New Orleans
Rivers are still up in Ky too, flood levels are down but still more water than there should be.
They've have massive flooding over there for months and we don't hear a thing about it. Or am I watching the wrong News?

love the little video lesson in that demonstrating the different categories of cyclones.
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