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Lazy jobseekers?
07-01-2020, 01:23 PM
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Lazy jobseekers?
Apparently Australians are so happy to live on the enhanced JobSeeker allowance that they are turning down work?

In reality...

Quote:The government released new data from the National Skills Commission on Tuesday that indicated some businesses had reported a shortage of applicants for jobs, which had been the basis for the Australian newspaper’s front-page story under the headline “Jobless opt for dole over work”.

But a close analysis of those figures shows that of the 2,324 employers contacted for the survey, only about 22% of them (514) said they were recruiting.

Of those 514 employers who were recruiting, 27% (139) reported that they were having – or expected to have – difficulty recruiting staff.

Of those 139 having difficulty, just over 50% (or 72) cited lack of applicants as a reason. Other factors cited in lower numbers included that applicants lacked experience, employability skills or technical skills. That is 72 out of a total of 2,324 businesses surveyed or 3%

The report said regional employers were “generally having more difficulty filling their vacancies than those in capital cities with many regional employers citing their location as a reason for their difficulty”. Occupations difficult to recruit for included child carers, metal fabricators and welders, truck drivers and receptionists.

The National Skills Commission’s employer survey – conducted between 25 May and 19 June – also indicated that the level of employers who reported difficulties in recruitment had decreased to 27%, from a level of 38% in early April.

If JobKeeper is cut off in September there will be a sudden increase in people on the dole and if that is cut back to $40/day that will be the end of stimulus for businesses, especially the smaller and regional businesses.

Kate Carnell has had something to say about people not wanting to work their shifts

Quote:Kate Carnell, the small business ombudsman, told Guardian Australia: “For most people, the vast percentage of people – they want a job and they’re looking for work. It’s that simple, and they’re looking for whatever they can get.

“I think people who just want to sit on the couch and get jobseeker is right at the margins. I don’t believe that there are huge numbers of people in this space.”

But Carnell said her office had heard from a number of small businesses seeking help over how to address the issue of long-term casuals who were receiving the $1,500 fortnightly jobkeeper wage subsidy and were refusing to work their shifts.

“The silly bit of it of course is when September 24 happens [when jobkeeper is due to end] they might not get any more shifts and not get paid – … it’s a pretty short-term view on a job.”

Carnell said she had also heard of potential casual hires who were receiving $1,100 a fortnight through the enhanced jobseeker payment. In hospitality, where wages were moderately low, “the temptation will be not to take a job because you can earn just as much by doing nothing as you can by having a 20-25 hour a week job”.That amounts to about $22.00 - $27.50 per hour as a casual employee.

It’s amazing how somehow this fundamental human rights issue has become about statues.
The statues, and I cannot emphasise this enough, do not care. Jon Kudelka
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07-01-2020, 01:47 PM
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RE: Lazy jobseekers?
That aspect of it was discussed but most went over my head. I do remember that the devil is in the detail of how many hours worked versus dole being the tipping point was the crux of it.

I took notice of that as we had the same figuring to do with comparing the extra pay through penalty rates and overtime to the amount of tax paid on it. It was calculating on a fortnightly basis and we essentially worked the 13th day for about $4.50. 12 days = 2 full shifts overtime was only just enough in front to be worth turning up, but not that 13th one. It took us over into the higher tax bracket.
We worked it anyway (some of us) "for the team" as we were working about 1/2 staff for some months, but mostly because it balanced out in the annual tax returns and we got some that '13th day' day money back as a refund.

I can see why casuals would be totting those figures up though. When September rolls around then if the jobs are still there they will start applying ... if the jobs aren't, then they would have just been sacked again anyway if the business didn't make it.

It's a pretty tempting option for those not looking for a secure long term job. People with no mortgage or kids to feed would be seeing the upside of enjoying a long holiday on the taxpayer and putting off worrying about it for a few months.

There's still work out there. Cuz was saying one of his granddaughters has had her hours reduced.
By her parents!

She's been working 7 days a week at Maccas after school and full shifts at weekends.
(Her sister works a few hours there at weekends too)
They could see her schoolwork slipping and jerked her reins. No lack of work ethic in her, she loves it...and the money.

It comes down to individuals how they treat the 'opportunities', but when were the headlines, or political quotes, ever 100% spinless??

Of course the govt would single out the 'dodgers' just as Labor would champion their rights to do it and gloss it over. Nothing new in that.
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07-01-2020, 02:21 PM
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RE: Lazy jobseekers?
i've seen mixed messaging on jobs.
I seen farmers who have been flooded by requests for seasonal work.
yet there are still reports coming in about the supply of immigrant workers drying up.
Same goes for house prices, -they have not collapsed, some places are rising.
go figure.
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07-01-2020, 09:12 PM
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RE: Lazy jobseekers?
Mixed is normal Max. Nothing is ever 'one size fits all" 100% applicable. There are always situations that don't fit the parameters.
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