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Border Wars.
07-01-2020, 09:26 PM
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Border Wars.
We're all up to speed on who is allowed to go where aren't we?

That they're all playing "State of Origin" politics?

How they're all locking out other States, except they'll be okay with those taking those States money when the GST is handed out.

I think NSW and Vic are the only ones who didn't close the borders.
They happen to be the 2 states who provide most of the GST taxes that the other States, who closed their borders to us, will put out their hands for "their share".

But even NSW is warning Victorians off now. Any from the Melbourne 'hot spots' who come over the border, and get caught, face 14 days quarantine at least.
If they are found to have lied about where they came from then it's $11,000 fine and possible 6 months jail.
But I heard something to laugh about tonight.

The SA Premier commenting on the Victorian virus spike and keeping his borders closed to all Victorians.

He's "thinking about building a wall, and making them pay for it!"

...well at least it was funny.
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07-02-2020, 09:19 AM
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RE: Border Wars.
yes tough job for police.
Saw them on news 24 checking traffic.
You can drive thru the diseased areas.
Just not supposed to stop.

The postcodes are a patchwork quilt, trying to make a 'lockdown' work would be a nightmare.
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07-02-2020, 11:56 AM
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RE: Border Wars.
I saw that too, I do check up on the ABC.

Saw they were waving trucks and utes through, and cars with drivers in high vis jackets.
Good way to sneak out? Dress up as a tradie?

How about the reason for the outbreak though??
Is the ABC filling in the details of abysmal government mishandling of the quarantine procedures?

Typical Labor organisation, they couldn't arrange a bang in a brothel.

Comrade Dan has been scattering blame with a shotgun, all aimed away from himself.
He's the boss, he delegated the job to idiots, he was too focused on mopping up the blood from the branch stacking to notice how stupid his cronies were getting.

In NSW the police have been the security guards of quarantine hotels.
In Victoria some dill hired a private security outfit to man the doors.
The private company then hired anyone they could find, with no security training, and no sense of responsibly for the job they were tasked with.
They have been found to have been 'fraternising' with the quarantined travellers.
Some have been sleeping with them.
Some have been eating with them.
And some have been sleeping through their shifts.
They've been wearing one mask and PPE platic gown during their entire shifts, while 'socialising' with the internees.
But the topper is that they've been "subcontracting" their job to friends and relatives to "fill in for them".

All of these "private security guards" then went home to their families and spread the virus throughout their own families and entire suburbs.

The suburbs are 'ethnically heavy' so we can draw our own conclusions on who these "security guards" were. Perhaps this too has links to the branch stacking for votes?

This is apparently where Credlin got it wrong. Sure it was 'family spread' but it wasn't from a post Ramadan party, it was from one or more of them 'working' at the quarantine hotels.

Rumour (SKY biased) is that there was a hell of a row between the Police union and the gubbmint over who did the hotel quarantine security job. The cops didn't want their members put in danger of catching the virus. But they also chucked a tantrum over the ADF being used as that would be a demarcation dispute. So = amateurs given the job of "protecting" the Country from COVID19.

Brilliant solution. No doubt about it, the People's Republic of Danistan is a world leader in handling epidemics.

If Victorians vote for this bunch of Labor morons again then the rest of the Country is right about their IQs down there.

The icing on the cake for NSW of course is that Comrade Dan made such a drama about the Ruby Princess and how stupid we are up here... what was that about 'dropping the ball' Dan??? CoolRolleyes
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07-03-2020, 10:24 AM
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RE: Border Wars.
Probably not the thread for it, but considering so much misinfo is spread about 'he said/she said' by the various media I thought I'd drop this reminder to 'trust no one' here.

Remember when the LABorC made a song and dance about Scomo being wrong about there being no slavery here when the trend of the day was statue toppling?

I recall he made some kind of apology for getting it wrong???

Well, he didn't get it wrong at all. The Lefties got it wrong.

This is from the ABC RMIT 'Fact checker' that they kindly email to me every now and then.

It was buried wayyyy down the page.
Note the way it slinks around the point of the claim and uses practices other than slavery to indicate that while he was 100% right, ...well, because he's a Liberal, he has to be wrong about something else entirely... bias much?

Quote:Fact-checking that slavery claim
Remember the uproar when Prime Minister Scott Morrison supposedly claimed there was no slavery in Australia? Fact Check has taken a deep dive into that claim and found that it checks out, but not because Australia hasn't engaged in practices that could be described as slavery.

Rather, Mr Morrison's claim was actually made in the context of slavery during the period when NSW was settled as a colony. This is clear when you listen to his interview in its entirety, and the evidence backs him up.
NO! They can't move the goal posts to infer that although he was right, he was only right in the context of the era that the issues leading to the statue tipping is about!! ...and wrong about something that he wasn't even talking about!!

Tipping over Captain Cook and Arthur Phillip is about BLM and relates to SLAVERY ...which never happened in that period of our history... or in any other!
The only 'slaves' were owned by the Pommy justice system, and they were WHITE.

As harsh as the new settlement undoubtedly was, the preconditions for slavery — including the treatment of individuals as property — were not met, at least not in the early years of NSW.

Arthur Phillip, the first governor of the new colony, declared that among the first laws he would like enacted was that there could be no slavery and no slaves.

However, as Fact Check points out, the question of whether or not Australia had slavery when NSW was founded as a colony does not take into account other aspects of Australia's often troubled history spanning more than two centuries.

It does not "take into account other aspects" because the "other aspects" are totally irrelevant to the "facts" being checked!!

This waffle is pure journalistic bastardry designed to infer that being right is still wrong if you aren't counted as being ideologically pure according to the Mutual Admiration Branch of the Left Wing Media.

That history is replete with examples of practices that might be regarded as forms of slavery, including forcibly removing Indigenous people from their families and incarcerating them in institutions where they were trained to labour for colonists, among other things.

No! again. Removing children from perceived danger, and incarcerating felons is NOT slavery! Why did these people never consult a dictionary?

Aren't they, technically, charging the people in Child Protection Agencies, and the entire Judiciary with 'enslaving' people??

Any child taken from parents is automatically a slave??
Any one 'incarcerated' is automatically a slave?
By whose definition??

"practices that might be regarded as forms of slavery..." Regarded by whom???
By those in the BLM industry? and in the Koori Grievance Industry? and by ABC journos who will say and write any form of rubbish to protect their too often wrong opinion pieces and their virtue signalling stance??

There were no slaves. There were no slave markets. There were no slave ships. ..and the Kooris in chains were felons, not slaves.

Sorry, but the ABC are getting worse every day with these cleverly twisted "fact checks".

... And where's their apology??? They broadcast Scomo apologising in case he got it wrong .. but he didn't, they did! So where's their apology????
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07-03-2020, 02:25 PM
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RE: Border Wars.
You have the cheek to question the intelligence of labor members then it goes to show how one eyed you are get a new pair of glasses wipe the fog from your vision and it will all become clear you support the biggest mob of incompetents in the political arena.
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07-03-2020, 03:00 PM
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RE: Border Wars.
You're not defending the IQs of the idiots in Victoria are you Dookie??
Have you kept up with what's going on down there?? They're running the joint like the Keystone Kops!!

The handling of the whole epidemic has been farcical from day one!
But do take note that I also gave the NSW Health department a hell of a serve for their moronic handling of the Ruby Princess.

I don't defend the indefensible as you Labor Party one eyed faithful do. Tongue
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07-03-2020, 05:14 PM (This post was last modified: 07-03-2020 05:19 PM by maxhr54.)
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RE: Border Wars.
Ray Hadley says close the nsw border.
he's a rabid right shock jock isn't he?
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07-03-2020, 06:28 PM
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RE: Border Wars.
I think they have done well to contain it but as usual comrade chair you leave out the real culprits the fools that ignore instructions and go wondering around like brown cows how the hell do you expect any government to control that.
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07-03-2020, 08:36 PM
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RE: Border Wars.
Ours have Dookie. And we haven't closed any borders to get it done.

Just learned something more about the titsup in Victoria which relates to the above statement.

After the Ruby Princess fiasco, Glady's and crew called in the cops and immediately put them in charge of Hotel quarantine.

Comrade Dan though, without even putting the job up for tender tossed the hotel security contract to some outfit of his own choosing ...although he denies it "wasn't me" is the mantra of the entire Victorian Labor government Ministry. Nobody hired them?

But after they got the contract, the chosen company then SUB-contracted the work to an even lesser known and credentialed "security" company. This sub-contractor then subcontracted to a 3rd player who rounded up some recently arrived immigrants, (allegedly) told them they had to take the jobs or they'd be deported, and so the entire Country was put in the position of having as first line of defense against incoming overseas viral infection, a bunch of totally untrained, ill equipped, uncontrolled and largely not even English speaking 'casuals'.

Those guards interviewed weren't even sure who their boss was, they got phone calls and different people directing them where to go.
They had no idea that while there were only 5 or 6 of them on duty, their "boss" was submitting time sheets for 10 to 15 guards and being repaid for their wages by the government who never sent in anybody, not even the cops, to check out their operating procedures, or count their staff! It's called "ghosting" claiming wages for phantom employees, sounds a bit like the phantom memberships of the Vict Labor party which happen, by sheer coincidence, to be based in the same electorates now locked down because (shock and surprise) that is where the "security guards" were recruited from. Small world eh?

They took bribes from those in quarantine to bring them take-away food, and to allow them to gather in each others rooms to play cards and party.
They even allowed some out for a few hours to go shopping!! All this on top of the government being (allegedly) unaware that those in quarantine were refusing to take tests for COVID.

So when their 14 days were up there was no way to tell who had caught it from someone who'd been there longer but only caught the bug in the few days before they left the hotels.
(Allegedly) it's suspected that many of the quarantined people actually caught it from the GUARDS who'd been flitting between rooms fraternising and even having sex with the quarantined travellers.

The guards of course went home and spread it to their families and neighbours and friends and any poor bugger who was on the bus with them.

Comrade Dan flatly refused an offer of using the ADF to patrol the inside of the hotel, as is done in NSW apparently (news to me).. the police guard the outside of the building.

But not Dan, nooooo, using non English speaking newly arrived immigrants was much cheaper than paying the police for extra shifts, and he wanted them out on the streets to fine people walking in the park, playing a solo round of golf, or shock horror out in the ocean surfing!

There are more hair raising details entangled in this "quarantine security" fiasco but that's the nub of it.

Thing is, it didn't happen in other States because Victoria is the only State which has no laws governing the behaviour of Security outfits!

Sub contracting is illegal in NSW. The contracted company is solely responsible for it's staff.
Also, it's illegal in NSW to hire people not citizens or approved long term residents at least.
No such qualifications are required in Victoria. You could rock up and get the job of guarding the bank and would have a lot more qualifications for it than the clowns that the Andrews government was paying to guard a hotel!

If you judge the management of quarantining foreign arrivals down there as competent then it's clear why you still vote Labor.
They couldn't run a chook raffle!

Your serve.Tongue
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07-03-2020, 08:43 PM
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RE: Border Wars.
Dan must die.
that is all.
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