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The Flat Pack Boogie
08-08-2017, 10:09 PM (This post was last modified: 08-08-2017 10:14 PM by Di Wundrin.)
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The Flat Pack Boogie
Anyone else love flat pack furniture??
Over the years I've built about half the storage cabinets etc around the unit. Biggest was a 6ft long buffet with shelves and doors, but that was back when I was fitter. Still have it, it's currently holding up my Pepsi can within easy reach. Couldn't bear to part with it. i still like it and it's damned handy.

A week or so ago I bought this.

[Image: 35903042017-08-08_213308.jpg]

That'll be easy.

It arrived in a little long box that couldn't possibly hold something that size. Not even broken down into components parts.

But it did. I opened it and it was full of all different sized black steel rods, about 60 of them! And a bag of plastic 'elbows' and assorted soft bits that turned out to be the shelves and cover.

It was fun figuring out how to put it together, it always is when the instructions are Chinglish.

But I wasn't counting on the physical effort of forcing those rods into the plastic connectors. Boy, I've got muscles aching tonight that I didn't know were even there!
But it's done, and a lot more stable than it looks.
Best of all was when I bought it. It was a 'hot deal' at 19 bucks. Today it's $49 .. they're kidding, it's sure not worth that! They do that, when they get something new they test it as a special then if there's a lot of takers they jack the price up. Timing is everything.

Now I just need a couple of days to sort out the walk-in and pack the overlow clothes into the new shelf unit. And some bags to throw about half of them out!
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08-09-2017, 07:46 AM
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RE: The Flat Pack Boogie
Congrats. looks good.
I'm seething over some computer speakers i purchased off ebay.
The store says its in Brisbane, OK i thought, fast delivery 200km to here.
Nope. still waiting for them to ship 10 days later. ... AngryAngryAngry
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08-09-2017, 08:40 AM
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RE: The Flat Pack Boogie
They're waiting for them to arrive on the slow boat from China Max.

That 'location' thing on eBay is a joke. I've had stuff said located in Sydney arrive with with Hong Kong and even Thailand postmarks on them. But at least they did eventually arrive.
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