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Trump 2020: What chance?
05-22-2018, 09:31 AM
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Trump 2020: What chance?
Worth a read. Some bonus video interviews ...

Trump is following through on his campaign promises. Here are the top 10.

I wouldn't have seen it with my own eyes if I hadn't believed it.
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05-22-2018, 11:37 AM
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RE: Trump 2020: What chance?
Sounds legit to me. If the DNC was worth feeding, and if Obama had ever been more than a pretty puppet then Trump wouldn't be there at all.

The DNC are still in denial and the media are re-inforcing their delusions of adequacy. They weren't adequate, they were bloody hopeless. So was Dubya, he too was too firmly enmeshed in the 'the swamps' network. He couldn't have broken the hold even if he'd had the brains to do it.

Trump is hated because he's not in the inner circle of people who have been sucking America dry for decades and telling the people it's all for their own good and if they don't like it then they must be disgusting fascists.
Or at least knuckle dragging 'fucktards'. I'm still hearing this from the Lefty Yanks, they can't even see how stupid that sounds when it's the principle reason that Trump was elected. That superior sneering hubris that was epitomized by Clinton is the very thing that pulled the trigger in those being insulted for daring to have a different view of how things really are over there.
Clintons 3 milliion majority were city people, they weren't shivering in shacks in the Ozarks or living in decaying buildings in Detroit.
Funny that the better off people voted Democrat and the poorest voted Republican isn't it ... what's gone wrong with that??

Odd isn't it that it should be those right at the bottom of the heap who voted against all those bullshit 'humanitarian' promises from the Demos, promises that were never delivered.

Trump has delivered. Just because the proglibs don't like the policies they think they have the right to trash everything he does.
I think what irks them most is that unlike Clinton the first and Obama he has kept his promises. It just makes the others look bad.

Hypocrisy much?

Sure a lot of religious reasoning by the Fundies was involved in his support base, but the last straw that broke the DNC was those masses of unemployed in the Rust Belt. And the coal industry.

They should have been 'gold plated' Demo voters. Hillary was so sure of it that she simply took them for granted and ignored the advice to at least be seen in the area, but she shrugged them. And they shrugged her!

That they saw Trump as the only flickering light in the tunnel of depression speaks volumes about the failure of the Democrats to represent anyone except their own careers.
It isn't Trump who is "deplorable" ... that tag should be carved on Hillary's tombstone.

Sure Trump is a con man, sure he's talking trash to people who know it, but don't care, because it annoys the hell of the snotty 'progressive liberals' and they're enjoying that!

Sure he's upset the agenda of "the swamp", sure he applies diplomacy like a rhino, yes he has all the personal charisma of Les Patterson but the very fact that everyone seems to be 'out to get him' raises his stocks as "the underdog".

Attacks on Trump translate as attacks on his voters and they resent that their votes are derided as 'stoopid' and not worth those of the Proglibs. The DNC and it's toadie media slaves are under the impression that people you continually insult will vote for you!
Do they perhaps need a new team of spin doctors? Or just some candidates without a rap sheet for a lifetime of corruption weighing them down?

I'd put a dollar on Trump showing up for a 2nd term. If he wants it.

I don't understand why he would really, but he hasn't been the doom that was predicted, he's single handedly changed the whole paradigm of global manipulation. He's stymied the UN, that nest of vipers has been shown up for the farce it really is.

Hell, I'd vote for Trump, but only if I was American.

He's not going to do us any favours. He's intending to steal our trading markets. But that's his job. To make America 'great' not to make OZ great, we're going to have to find our own swamp drainer to do that.

It's just a pity that Tony Abbott is such an oafish dill, his policies weren't all that bad, but his ability to sell anything is zero. His understanding of how the voters will view those policies is also zero.

He and Hockey made the same mistake that Hillary made. When they brought out that 1st budget, which was a dog's breakfast anyway, they concentrated on telling us that only the "entitlement" junkies would object to it. Tut fellas. That came across the same way as "deplorables".

Abbott and Hockey may have been too stupid to recognise the backlash that would cause, but the swill in the Senate didn't miss it. They voted against it because they read the electorate better.

You can have the best policies the human race has ever produced but if you don't win the election they're no more value than fish and chips wrappers.

Trump know how to tickle the egos of the "deplorables". There's a few who would do well to learn that art.

Good link Don, did you scroll through the whole site? down a bit from that post is another, headlined:

Quote:The MSM is so obsessed with bashing Trump they sided with terrorists chanting ‘Death to America’

Also worth a read. Here's an extract. Pity Warri is on sabbatical. Cool

Quote:“In our post-modern media age, there is no truth and nobody even seems to be looking for it …. This is shamefully clear in the media especially this week with their coverage of the conflict between the border of Israel and the Gaza strip," said Glenn on today's show.

He added, “The main media narrative this week is about how the IDF is just killing innocent protesters, while Hamas officials have confirmed on TV that 50 of the 62 people killed were working for Hamas."

Captain Obvious is unsurprised. Big Grin
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06-01-2018, 11:06 PM
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RE: Trump 2020: What chance?
Pointman sticks his neck out ....

"Anyway, barring any unforeseen accidents, my money is on Trump to win in November, and bigly, to use that new word."

About the November mid-terms.

[Image: trump-winning-01.jpeg?w=640&h=39...amp;crop=1]

I wouldn't have seen it with my own eyes if I hadn't believed it.
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06-02-2018, 01:59 AM
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RE: Trump 2020: What chance?
I think his money is pretty safe. The honeymoon ain't over yet, his support base hasn't been disappointed, there are grudging acknowledgements from journos that he's seen the unemployment come down and manufacturing go up.
While most hedge their bets by adding that "he just got lucky" the tone has been damping down.

I think the snowflakes will be annoyed by the half term results, but it's the next 2 years that will make or break his Presidency.

Do you think he really wants another term though? Is he having that much fun? ... I suspect he still is, but will that last another 6 years? He's getting on.
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06-02-2018, 08:49 AM
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RE: Trump 2020: What chance?
Dreamin'. every byelection has shown massive swings to the democrats.
Mid terms will be a bloodbath i tells ya.
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06-02-2018, 09:19 AM (This post was last modified: 06-02-2018 09:23 AM by Di Wundrin.)
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RE: Trump 2020: What chance?
Ummm, Max, that link is dated March 2018.
This one, from the same source, is dated 29th May 2018.

Quote:Politics Podcast: Things Are Looking Worse For The Democrats

A week is a long time in politics, 2 months is a whole epoch.

By-elections everywhere historically go against the government. They do here and they do there.
They are fought on more local issues than a general election and are more about the personality of the candidate than about the policies or leader of a Party.

I'd still be putting the greenback on the Donald scraping through.

The Democrats haven't done a damned thing to prove that they're a better option. They're doing what Labor does, scaring the horses.
Preaching doom that continues to fail to appear.

They don't come up with anything substantially positive to show that they'd do things better. They just come up with the argument that they're not as 'bad' as the government and promise all manner of freebies that they know can't be funded.

What policy changes have the Democrats made?
What have they even done about removing the idiots who ran Clinton's campaign? Nothing.

People everywhere are looking for a glimmer of hope that comes with changes. They'll risk the changes in the thin hope that anything is better than what's been offered them in the past.

Trump changed things. So far the world hasn't caught fire and some at least Americans are re employed.
Those people include a bigger than ever ratio of blacks and hispanics.
Those are the voters that the Democrats feed upon for their ratings.
How many newly employed blacks and hispanics are pining for the "good old days" of the Obama admin? Are they going to trust the Democrats again?

All the Dems are 'promising' are a return to sending their jobs to Asia and patting them on the head and telling them that they are 'disadvantaged' and that it's all the fault of those racist bastards in the Repugnicant Party. ... that argument has lost some legs now that the Repo leader is the one who got them their jobs back.

3 million more voted for Clinton in the majority vote? How many more would vote for her now?

The half terms are going to be very interesting to watch but they too are a more locally focused decision so not really an indication of what will happen in 2020 any more than by-elections are great indication of how the half terms will go.
It's more about reading the mood than reading the polls.

But if you're right you get a week's worth of braggin' rights. Wink
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06-02-2018, 03:58 PM
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RE: Trump 2020: What chance?
All the predictions in one place below.
Bloodbath i tells ya, bloodbath.... - women...metoo..
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06-02-2018, 04:43 PM
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RE: Trump 2020: What chance?
That's an interesting map. When you find all those little tiny blue islands in the sea of red they're always cities. The Demos, like Labor have a city demographic, not a worker demographic. It's a little different there due to the colour thing they have going on but it's a similar scenario. The people most likely to vote Left gather in the towns and cities near the soup kitchens (or that's what the Lefties would have you believe) but near whatever welfare they can get. Also the trendoids, hispsters, bambis, Greenies, gay activists, 'Rights' protestors, snowflakes, and SJWs are seldom found in one horse towns, and zero in the bible belt.

Check out those blue 99% Democrat sure things and they all have big black and hispanic as well as white Lefty populations. Chicago for e.g. is sitting there like a shag on a rock in among the red electorates. That patch in southern Texas, I doubt anyone lives there with a name like Smith or Brown who isn't married to a Gonzales.
The US is an odd place with different reasons for voting than we here in many cases, like the religious zealots and the racists of all colours, but there's also a similar mood of "what's in it for me" that over rides other considerations. There's also the non compulsory voting. If I was Trump I'd be beating up the story that the Democrats are a shoo in and that he doesn't stand a chance so the lazy bastards who the Demos rely on to vote for them won't bother to turn up. Hey ... it worked last time!! CoolBig GrinRolleyes

Good luck with anyone making a call, but I just get a sense that things are turning and not necessarily the way CNN are claiming.
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06-02-2018, 07:06 PM
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RE: Trump 2020: What chance?
Trump has not wrecked the economy (yet)
The drop in unemployment has continued, its down to 3.9%.
Looks like people have not been replaced by robots and algorithms after all eh?
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06-02-2018, 08:31 PM
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RE: Trump 2020: What chance?
At the moment workers are probably cheaper than buying any but the most basic robots.

If the wages go up and the more sophisticated robots go into mass production and become cheaper then workers are toast again.

If there is a way to reduce unemployment and improve wage levels, does it make you wonder why the Democrats (or Labor) don't do it when they're in power??

Ever consider that their voting base are the poor and resentful?

If they all get jobs and start making better income then will they still vote Labor/Demo?
Or will they just drop out of the unions, and reconsider their attitude to their finances?
Once they actually find themselves able to pay the mortgage and put a little aside then their whole perspective changes from "gimme what you've got" to "keep your mits off what's mine".

That's about when I switched and went to the dark side.
I saw, and those better off workers see, that they need to vote for the Party which will best protect what they've built up, not the one who is trying to take it off them to give it to someone else.

We're evolved to protect what we have, that's not going to change.

So it suits the Leftist Parties to keep their voters poor, that ensures their loyalty.

It's just a theory but if there's a grain of truth in it it explains why they're such pathetic performers re the economy, they want it to fail.
If I'm even close to right then it's a massive betrayal of the people they're pretending to represent.

At least we're pretty sure where the Right wing Parties stand, they're in it for the money, they don't pretend otherwise. They want the economy to succeed because it suits them and their voters better that way.
That's a lot easier to understand than all the emotional bullshit we hear about diversity and fairness and tolerance and inclusion and humanitarian hair rending over putting total strangers ahead in priority of those who vote for the sainted Labor/Dem Parties
I prefer to vote for the devil I know than the one who wears a plastic halo.
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